Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 went by really fast and that's probably because it was on a Monday and the kids had school that day and the day after (today!).  Josie organized her costume on her own, so I had very little to do with the entire holiday.  Josie and her friend Rachel were Thing One and Thing Two.  Because of the whole school night thing and because Rachel lives closer to school than we do, Josie got to spend the night after they went trick-or-treating.  Rachel's dad also picked the girls up from school, so technically I might not have been a part of Halloween at all, except as you know, I never miss an opportunity to take photos!

I arranged my schedule so that I could drive down to Newton to "bring Josie her overnight bag" which is mom-talk for "arrive with my large camera and take an embarrassingly amount of photos of the Halloween girls."

Josie is our last trick-or-treater. 

Georgia wore a costume, too, but she didn't go out trick-or-treating.  Instead, she had her friends over for dinner and a Halloween-theme movie.  All the girls dressed like characters from Gray's Anatomy.

I took photos of the older girls, too, but 8th graders actually like getting their photo taken, so at least one of my children wasn't mortified by my behavior!

We only got one group of trick-or-treaters - a toddler brother and sister team who we didn't recognize but were happy to see nonetheless.  I had made a point of only buying one bag of candy this year - we always have so much left-over candy - but then Georgia's friends brought candy to the party and we ended up with a massive, over-flowing bowl of sugar.  When the door bell rang with our two trick-or-treaters, I figured it was our opportunity to get rid of at least half of the bowl, but sadly, these two children were well-behaved and only two a few pieces each.  It didn't help that when holding out the candy bowl, Gordy said "take two."  Take two!  I had been thinking they'd take two handfuls!

The overflowing candy bowl is still overflowing this morning.  

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