Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Iphone Photos From The Fall

We've had a gorgeous fall this year.  I heard at the start of the season that we New Englanders might be disappointed by the foliage - there was a pretty horrible summer draught in our area and apparently that affects the leaves, but the predictors couldn't have been more wrong.  The colors have been amazing and the leaves seem to be lasting longer than usual.  I find myself taking photos on my phone constantly. Above is a photo that I took on my weekly walk with my great friend Kathy.  We were in the Middlesex Fells.  It doesn't show the fall colors, but it does match my mood this morning after the election.  (Sad, depressed, confused, gray, foggy... you get the picture)

I was looking through my phone this morning for blog inspiration and I found the below photo taken from my Maine trip with Henry:

Pippa Middleton spends a good portion of her day looking at the windows and following the paths of the neighborhood squirrels and chipmunks.

This is the view from her favorite window right now:

It was a rough night for this liberal Democrat and feminist.  And I woke up to a flat tire and a report from my credit monitoring service that someone had used my information to open a fraudulent credit card.  I've spent the last couple of hours waiting for the tow truck, calling the service station, calling the credit bureaus, calling the bank that issued the card and reading the thousands of texts that my family has been sending back and forth about the election.

I sent the kids off to school with two thoughts:  (1) work really hard at school, our future might depend on your generation  (2) maybe we need to all do the Norwegian immersion camp this summer just in case we need to reverse-migrate back to the motherland.


Cathrine Knol said...

I feel for you. What a horrible outcome. Just saw Hillary Clinton's speech and cried. Stay strong and keep fighting. With much love, Cathrine
Ps. You have had an awful morning, hopefully everything is turning out ok for you!

Martha said...

Thank you, Cathrine! It really was the worst possible outcome. I haven't watched Hillary's speech yet - I think I need a little more time but my mother watched it and said that she (my mother) was crying. Thanks for your kind words!

Janet said...

Totally with you on this election - completely dismayed at the result and still processing it all....Your photos are lovely and we are so lucky to have such beautiful views out our windows these days. Hug your children and stay positive and definitely practice your Norwegian :)

Martha said...

Good advice, Janet! It's good advice for us all. Henry and Josie go to a pretty liberal independent school and both reported that there were many discussions and analysis of the election between students and faculty. Both reported that many teachers (and students) were teary. Henry is particular has been following the election closely and he had a lot of great insights from his teachers and friends to share with us. Georgia goes to public school and we figured that the faculty there would ignore the election completely but we were totally wrong. The superintendent of schools sent out a thoughtful letter to all the parents / faculty describing how the teachers would handle any conversations about politics and the elections and Georgia's english teacher spent her entire class discussing the election, the two candidates, sexism, Donald Trump's Billy Bush tapes, the Harvard Men's Soccer team and their suspension and how to handle general differences of opinions and situations when both sides feel very strongly one way or another. Georgia was very impressed and so were we. I was glad that all three of my children got to process their thoughts and feelings about the election because I basically stayed home and felt sick to my stomach all day! Mine was definitely not the best solution. I follow Hillarie Baldwin on instagram and she wrote a very thoughtful piece about being positive and believing in and finding the best in everyone and I am going to follow her lead. And I'm looking into language lessons :)

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