Sunday, November 27, 2016


We had a fun Thanksgiving on Cape Cod this year with Gordy's side of the family (minus Lois and Harvey who were in Florida and greatly missed).  We arrived on Thursday morning.

After catching up with everyone, a few of us went on a walk at a local nature preserve through a wooded area.  Mostly we wanted to stretch our legs and let the dog get out a little energy.

The walkers included:  Me, Gordy, Josie, Henry and Pippa Middleton and Jon (our brother-in-law), Zach (our nephew) and Ned (our nephew).  

Zach is 18 and a high school senior and Ned is thirteen and a seventh grader. Both are sons of Gordy's sister Cathy and the aforementioned Jon.

Josie is still 11 and a sixth grader.

Just in case you've forgotten :)

After our walk, we took some cousin photos out in the backyard but sadly, I didn't get a single one that was in focus or didn't have at least one child blinking or making an odd face.  

Here are the boy cousins:

And here are all five:

After the photos were finished, we all went inside to watch football and socialize.  

Here's Gordy's dad:

And here is a photo of us watching tv.

I didn't get many candids.  I tried to take some photos of the actual dinner, since my dad always does this and they are fun to see/have, but I didn't manage to get a full shot.  For some reason, Gordy's mom didn't make a single photo, which is disappointing to me.  She was there, you will have to believe me.

The kids' table:

And the adults' table:

We didn't spend the night - the house was full with the out-of-town guests and a few of the visiting Minnesotans have dog allergies and were probably thrilled to see Pippa Middleton waddle out the door.  We don't often get to have a holiday with Gordy's entire family so it was a real treat.  

Georgia also had a soccer tournament this weekend and had early morning starts.  We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving holiday and we hope you did too!

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