Monday, November 7, 2016

The End of Field Hockey

Today marks the end of Josie's first season playing field hockey.  Their last game was on Friday (they tied 0-0) 

You may remember that Josie attended a field hockey clinic last spring and liked it enough that she decided to give field hockey a try at her new school this fall.  

You can probably tell from these photos, but if you can't, let me tell you that Josie loved field hockey.  

She enjoyed the sport but what she loved the most was being on the team, making friends with girls from all three middle school grades and playing games all over the city.  

Her team wasn't perhaps the best, but who cares.  They did win a game or two.  Josie scored two goals for the season and she did a great job playing a variety of positions.

Her last game was played at a school about fifteen minutes from our house, so that was pretty great, too!   Thanks for driving Josie home, team!

This semester, Josie has arranged to take art studio three days a week and the other two days, I'll pick her up early for ice hockey.  She'll have enough time to get home, eat a snack, change her clothes and relax (for a very short time) before we have to leave for practice and that is a luxury that seemed impossible just a few weeks ago.  

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