Friday, November 18, 2016

The Middle School Choir Presentation

Last night was Josie's first middle school choir performance.  

But don't call it a recital because it wasn't a recital.

I know this because the choir members sat with their parents in the audience and we all got to experience what a typical choir practice is like.


The parents were invited to be a member of the choir....

which means - OH THE HORROR! - 

Audience participation!!!!

Thank goodness I had my camera to hide behind.

I took a lot of photos.

Which made it possible for me to skip the yoga warm up and the solfege and breathing exercises.

Cameras are wonderful things.

The horror of audience participation aside, I did really enjoy the hour.  Josie has a very enthusiastic choir director - but not a dopey enthusiastic, it was more a determined enthusiastic.  He had those kids singing, reading music and doing harmony.  It was a true music class and I was impressed.

They did sing two songs - one solfege-based and the other one with real words and harmonies.  Both were very good.  He has Josie singing alto which I think is odd as she is actually a high soprano but whatever.  He also has her reading music and learning actual skills, so whichever part he wants her to sing is fine with me.

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