Monday, December 12, 2016

Hockey Begins

I do realize that for months I've been saying that Henry doesn't want to be a part of my blog anymore and yet he keeps making anonymous :) appearances on this site nonetheless.  I do want to respect his request, but when I spend an entire weekend watching him play hockey, I do feel the need to report about it for my future records.  Besides, it seems to be the photos that I make him pose for that annoy him and not necessarily the ones when he's in full uniform, playing hockey.

Henry's first game of high school hockey was on Friday.  This is Henry's high school team's second year in existence - they lost a decent player or two last year but they added an equal number of new students.  They are starting to become more competitive which is nice.

On Friday afternoon, I was delighted to see an old friend - the mother of someone from our hometown who was in kindergarten with Henry and who played town hockey off and on with Henry over the years.  Kindergarten doesn't seem that long ago, believe it or not - even if both boys are now high school juniors.  

There was one less-than-pleasant moment when Henry got knocked down and then got up and (in his words) "shoved the first person on the other team that he saw" which ended up being his old friend, who then retaliated and they both ended up in the penalty box while their mothers watched, worried that something bad had taken place between the two of them while we reminisced about what good friends they used to be!

After the game, though, the boys laughed and laughed over the incident.  Both said that they had no idea who it was they were attacking until they both ended up in the box.  Ha!

It was fun to see them and it reinforces my theory that it's a small, small world.

On Saturday, Gordy and I went to one of Josie's hockey games and then Josie joined us at Henry's afternoon game.

It was a freezing cold rink but the game was exciting.

Last year, Henry's team scored a total of three goals over all their games.

On Saturday, his team got four goals in one game!  

They still lost, 8-4 but still.  That's pretty amazing.

I'll end this post here, before I share too much about Henry (eye roll) but before I do, here's a gift:

A mom from the other team brought a friend.  So cute, right?

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