Friday, September 15, 2017

More From This Summer

This was a strange summer - weather wise - on Block Island.  We had many, many cold, rainy days.  Days so cold that I didn't mind leaving the island and starting back to our home routine and the fall.  Next year, I am hoping, will be hot and sunny.  

We did have at least one good day - I took a photo of our new chaise lounge cushion cover for the tailor's website and the day looked pretty spectacular now that I'm really looking at it!

I also captured a beautiful sunset:

These kinds of pink and purple sunsets always remind me of Parks & Recreation.  "The Sweetum-Pollution sunsets are beautiful, but are they worth the asthma?"  ha!

There was also the evening when Josie and I went to watch Henry fish by The Great Salt Pond:

The Southerns visited and we had one decent evening before the rain started.

And we took plenty of cloudy morning hikes before the downpours began.

Rainy days aren't the most fun for teenagers.  You can always pack up and take younger children to the beach in the rain - they are just happy to get out of the house.  It's harder with teenagers.  No matter how bored they are, they aren't going outside in the rain.

We used one rain-free day to add our signature to The Painted Rock.  This is a Block Island  tourist activity that Josie has been dying to do for years.  

The rock is painted by different people, usually multiple times a day.  We've seen people paint birthday greetings, reunion slogans, marriage proposals - you name it.  The rock is just down the street from our house, so we get to see most of the masterpieces when we walk the dog.

You start by covering up the design left by the people before you.

That step takes awhile.

Next you sketch out your picture.  My personal favorites are the ones that have large designs in bold colors.  My least favorite are the spray-painted, graffiti-style ones.  

We aren't the best artists, so we stuck to the basics and drew a whale's tail.

ta da!

Two hours later, it was gone!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Another BI Weekend

A month ago, we went to Block Island with Georgia, her friend Margaret, Josie and her friend Ella.  Henry stayed at home alone and did God knows what.  Hopefully it was mostly wholesome.

The weather hasn't been all that great on Block Island this summer.  We've had a lot of cold, cloudy and chilly days.  And this weekend was no exception.  We forced the girls to do a hike just to get them out of the house.

And now the photos are out of order but there's nothing I can do as I imported them a month ago and   they are stuck where they landed.  I'd be able to fix it if I was on my own computer, but sadly, I'm using Gordy's computer and so we will just jump around willy-nilly.

We were on our walk and then...

we went to The Oar for dinner!  (it was a month ago, and I don't really remember, but I imagine that the rest of the day was filled with other activities)

And now we're back on that walk!

And now back to dinner!  

Are you dizzy yet?

Ella is Josie's best friend from her hockey team.  She is a smart, sweet girl and they have a special bond.  We are very grateful for Ella and for many of the girls on Josie's hockey team.  Being on the same team for three years comes with many benefits - including the fact that you make long-lasting friendships with your teammates.  Georgia had a similar experience with her soccer club.  

They've made lots of long-lasting friendships on their teams and so have Gordy and I. 

And of course, you all remember Margaret.

Georgia and Margaret met at Holly's School when they were both two.  

Every now and then, I think that I should find Holly's email and send her a photo of her two former students - still amazing friends 12 years after her pre-preschool class.   Margaret is the younger sister of Henry's great friend Sam who joins us for a week on Block Island every year but Margaret and Georgia met first and once during a play date, Margaret's mom and I talked about our older sons (who went to different schools at the time and hadn't met) and we were shocked at how similar they seemed to be.  Fast-forward five years when we moved to our current house (which was in a different elementary school district) and suddenly Sam and Henry were in the same fifth grade class, becoming fast friends and proving their mother's hunches right.  

But this was all almost a month ago and I am way behind in my blog posting.  It was a reverse kind of summer.  Usually Gordy spends our first week on Block Island with us but since Georgia (and Margaret and a couple other friends) went to summer camp for two weeks, Gordy stayed behind in Massachusetts to work.  We had Sam with us for a week and then Henry, Josie and I spent a week alone and then Georgia and Gordy joined us for week three.  We've had many weirdly cold, rainy days but it's still been fun.  We are expecting a few more guests before the summer is over - but that end is steadily approaching.  Today, I went on-line and entered the kids' school calendars into my phone.  The first days of school are just around the corner.

Our summer has not been without health dramas:  Gordy was the first to fall.  He had a bike accident that required four stitches and some antibiotics.  Next went Henry who also had a bike accident and ripped off his big toe nail which required daily work to keep a scab from forming and more gruesome details that I won't disclose.  And not to be outdone, Georgia stepped on glass and had to go through not one but TWO courses of antibiotics since the first didn't do the trick.  And then, of course, Gordy (ever the competitive person) got a mean case of poison ivy (? or oak? or sumac?) that bothers him even as I type this post.  

It's been a weird summer for Elliots and antibiotics.

 We are holding on to the last few weeks of summer while at the same time, we are ordering back packs, planning first days of school, sport try-outs, sport camps and organizing the crazy schedules of our fall.  I'm grateful that unlike some of the southern family blogs I read, the northeast doesn't start school until September.  I'm not ready to say goodbye to the warm weather and schedule-free-ness of summer yet!

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