Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Another BI Weekend

A month ago, we went to Block Island with Georgia, her friend Margaret, Josie and her friend Ella.  Henry stayed at home alone and did God knows what.  Hopefully it was mostly wholesome.

The weather hasn't been all that great on Block Island this summer.  We've had a lot of cold, cloudy and chilly days.  And this weekend was no exception.  We forced the girls to do a hike just to get them out of the house.

And now the photos are out of order but there's nothing I can do as I imported them a month ago and   they are stuck where they landed.  I'd be able to fix it if I was on my own computer, but sadly, I'm using Gordy's computer and so we will just jump around willy-nilly.

We were on our walk and then...

we went to The Oar for dinner!  (it was a month ago, and I don't really remember, but I imagine that the rest of the day was filled with other activities)

And now we're back on that walk!

And now back to dinner!  

Are you dizzy yet?

Ella is Josie's best friend from her hockey team.  She is a smart, sweet girl and they have a special bond.  We are very grateful for Ella and for many of the girls on Josie's hockey team.  Being on the same team for three years comes with many benefits - including the fact that you make long-lasting friendships with your teammates.  Georgia had a similar experience with her soccer club.  

They've made lots of long-lasting friendships on their teams and so have Gordy and I. 

And of course, you all remember Margaret.

Georgia and Margaret met at Holly's School when they were both two.  

Every now and then, I think that I should find Holly's email and send her a photo of her two former students - still amazing friends 12 years after her pre-preschool class.   Margaret is the younger sister of Henry's great friend Sam who joins us for a week on Block Island every year but Margaret and Georgia met first and once during a play date, Margaret's mom and I talked about our older sons (who went to different schools at the time and hadn't met) and we were shocked at how similar they seemed to be.  Fast-forward five years when we moved to our current house (which was in a different elementary school district) and suddenly Sam and Henry were in the same fifth grade class, becoming fast friends and proving their mother's hunches right.  

But this was all almost a month ago and I am way behind in my blog posting.  It was a reverse kind of summer.  Usually Gordy spends our first week on Block Island with us but since Georgia (and Margaret and a couple other friends) went to summer camp for two weeks, Gordy stayed behind in Massachusetts to work.  We had Sam with us for a week and then Henry, Josie and I spent a week alone and then Georgia and Gordy joined us for week three.  We've had many weirdly cold, rainy days but it's still been fun.  We are expecting a few more guests before the summer is over - but that end is steadily approaching.  Today, I went on-line and entered the kids' school calendars into my phone.  The first days of school are just around the corner.

Our summer has not been without health dramas:  Gordy was the first to fall.  He had a bike accident that required four stitches and some antibiotics.  Next went Henry who also had a bike accident and ripped off his big toe nail which required daily work to keep a scab from forming and more gruesome details that I won't disclose.  And not to be outdone, Georgia stepped on glass and had to go through not one but TWO courses of antibiotics since the first didn't do the trick.  And then, of course, Gordy (ever the competitive person) got a mean case of poison ivy (? or oak? or sumac?) that bothers him even as I type this post.  

It's been a weird summer for Elliots and antibiotics.

 We are holding on to the last few weeks of summer while at the same time, we are ordering back packs, planning first days of school, sport try-outs, sport camps and organizing the crazy schedules of our fall.  I'm grateful that unlike some of the southern family blogs I read, the northeast doesn't start school until September.  I'm not ready to say goodbye to the warm weather and schedule-free-ness of summer yet!

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Fourth of July - Block Island Style

We spent the week of the Fourth of July on Block Island.  

Hooray for small town Fourth of July celebrations!

July 4th is a busy day on the island.  Thousands of day trippers crowd the morning ferries, the bars, the beaches and the streets.  The good news is that all these extra people are great for the local economy AND we live pretty far away from town so if we don't want to deal with the crowds and the drunks, we don't have to!  

But we aren't complete hermits - we do like to go to the parade and the fireworks (and last year we stopped by the hotdog eating contest but we left pretty early on.  Watching people stuff hot dogs into their mouths is not as entertaining as you'd think.  

We like to get to the parade a little early to get a good seat in the front.  This year, our party included Henry's friend Nick.

And now I'm completely out of order because the parade was on July 4th but the fireworks were actually held the Sunday before and yet that's not how I uploaded my photos.  Oh well!

Block Island does a great job with their fireworks.  Everyone gathers on the town beach and exactly as the sky is getting dark, the firework display begins.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Our First Trip To Block Island 2017

After 8th grade graduation, we left for a weekend on Block Island.  I'm calling it our first trip of the summer, but it's actually not.  Josie and I went to the island to open up the house in May, but since it basically rained the entire weekend, we are going to declare a do-over.

We brought Georgia's friend Caroline.

And we enjoyed a very relaxing couple of days.  It's been a couple of weeks since then and I will admit I don't remember what we did.  I imagine we went to the beach and I would imagine there were bike rides and trips into town.

We played badminton with the new set we received as a gift from Gordy's parents.  It was a huge hit.

We left on Sunday so it was a short trip.  Georgia and Caroline had two more days of school.  But stop by soon, because my next post will be about the Fourth of July.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Georgia's Last Day of School

After graduation ended, Georgia had two more days of school.  It was a long, long school year.

On Monday, Georgia joined her eighth grade class at Canoe Lake Park in New Hampshire.  Josie and I had a free day, so we went, too - and tried to stay out of way of our town's eighth graders.  

Tuesday was the official last day, so I took Georgia's photo before she left for school.

Last Day of school above, First Day of School below:

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Georgia's 8th Grade Graduation

So last Friday, Georgia graduated from middle school.  She is now officially a high school student.

Middle School took 3 years to finish, the ceremony took an hour and the outfit shopping / preparation took about 4,000 years.  

At least that's what it felt like to me.  :)

Georgia ordered a dress from some cheap, on-line company and was shocked when it arrived, looking cheap and ill-fitting.

She then spent months looking at dresses on line and trying things on at the mall.  Everything was rejected - either by her or by me.  I was starting to get concerned when in May, she settled on this dress:

Which was from Lily Pulitzer and which looked beautiful, fit her perfectly and wasn't too short or too revealing.  

And then we spent the next thirty days looking for shoes.

It's hard to dress a young teenage girl these days!

Case in point:  Josie.  

Josie found a great black dress with spaghetti straps and a sweet lace insert around the waist but when she went to put it on before the graduation ceremony, she realized that she didn't have the right under-garments (whisper-bra).  And then she rejected all the potential hand-me-downs in Georgia's closet and was about to have a full-blown closet frenzy when we found this white lace dress that used to belong to Avery and which luckily fit.

This is actually the second time this particular Avery dress has saved the day for my daughters!  Georgia wore it to a band concert either last year or the year before when she "lost" her black concert dress (which we later found, stuffed in the back of her closet).

So many thank yous to Meredith for this purchase!  You got your money's worth!

We arrived early at the high school where the ceremony was being held, but naturally it was already filled.  Georgia has almost 400 students in her class and the place was packed.

The parents sat on the bleachers and the students sat in chairs on the basketball court.  It was unbelievably hot in there.  It's a good thing that basketball is a winter sport.  Although if they plan to use the gym for future spring / summer events, they may want to at least invest in some windows.  The room as an airless tomb.

A few children gave speeches and presented awards and then the diplomas were handed out.

We were glad when they got to the Zs.  All four of us were melting in that top row of the bleachers.

We found Georgia after the ceremony and took some photos before she headed over to the mandatory 8th grade dance.

Here she is with Chloe, Margaret and Caroline:

We didn't find all her group of friends, but it was still nice to get photos of these four girls together.  They all went to the same elementary school and Georgia and Margaret have been close friends  Holly's School when they were two.

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