Sunday, January 1, 2017

An Early Christmas Plus An Early Hannukah

The week before Christmas, we celebrated the holiday early with Gordy's parents.  We gave our presents to them and they gave us our presents.  On the actual Christmas day, Grandma and Grandpa will be in Minnesota with Gordy's sister and her family.

The plans originally called for the grandparents to come in the morning and then we'd all travel back down to the Cape where they live to watch Josie play a hockey game in Falmouth.  But the hockey game was cancelled - perhaps due to the snow that was falling heavily outside.

Henry had a driver's lesson that we thought would be cancelled but it ended up taking place two hours late, once the snow had stopped.  He has to get used to driving in the snow, I suppose.

Gordy and I had a holiday party in Boston to go to, so we were grateful that the snow stopped when it did.  It's hard enough to find parking in the South End without adding snow to the mix!

Since we were in the present-opening-mode, we decided to open our Hannukah presents from Lois and Harvey.  

Harvey & Lois are coming to Massachusetts in January so we are looking forward to seeing them and thanking them in person for the wonderful gifts!

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