Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Boston Women's March

(Photo courtesy of my friend Valerie's friend)

Georgia and I were two of the 175,000 citizens who joined the Boston Women's March last Saturday. It was an amazing protest of Donald Trump and an amazing public affirmation of women, our fight for equal rights & equal pay and the ability to maintain control over our own bodies.  

It was my baby's first protest!

My friend Valerie met us at our house and we took the train from our town into Boston - a train that was packed to bursting with women and men in cat-ear hats (I really don't care for the P word.  Why are women and our body parts always referred to as animals?).  Even the train conductors were wearing the pink hats!  And everyone on the train cheered as more people got on.  

I had received a text from the Women's Caucus the morning of the walk, announcing that we had over 90,000 marchers signed up, but when we arrived at Boston Common, it was obvious that the crowds were much, much larger.

You could barely walk and trust me, I'm not complaining.  It was wonderful.

The signs were equally wonderful.  People were so creative.

The speeches were inspirational and up-lifting.  My favorites included the MC who was a minister from Dorcester, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Attorney General Maura Healey and a Muslim activist whose name I didn't catch.  

The event started under cloudy skies but once the rally began, the sun came out.  

Here I am with Valerie.

And here are some photos I took of the crowd - which was estimated to be over 175,000!

I wish that our entire family had been able to attend.  Gordy and Josie were on the Cape for a hockey game which broke my heart.  I know that they both wanted to be there with us and I would have loved for them to have been a part of an event that was so reassuring and hopeful.  But an Elliot can't miss a hockey game and besides, Meredith pointed out that a girl, playing a hockey game in Massachusetts is in itself a form of protest, so that made us all feel better!


Laura said...

I LOVE that you went! I was too sick to go to my local march but I was definitely there in spirit. What a great experience. :)

Diane Guymon said...

That is A LOT of people. Chico is much smaller than Boston, but we had a huge turn out, too.

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