Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Last Few Weeks

We've been enjoying January.  Gordy had his annual football men's trip two weeks ago.  He and his friends went to Dallas to watch the Cowboy vs. Packers game and obviously, they had a lot of fun.

That same weekend was a hockey tournament for Josie's hockey team in Vermont, so a teammate's family very, very kindly invited Josie to stay with them so that I could be at home on Teenager/Pug duty.  Josie's team stayed at Jay's Peak where there is a water park and endless running up and down the halls, disturbing the non-hockey guests (of which there were probably few.  That place is a tournament factory).

While Gordy and Josie were away, we went to an outdoor skating rink in Lexington which was very fun.  People in our town usually winter skate on Winter Pond, but because of our draught, the pond is almost completely dry.  It's very depressing and we thought we might have to miss out on outdoor skating this year.  Luckily for us, Lexington made a public rink and they kindly let us out-of-towners use it!  So thanks, Lexington!

The big news of the month is that Henry passed his driver's test and is now a licensed driver!  Watch out people, he's a coming!  After stressing for days, Henry was relieved when the test was quick and easy.  He's driven himself twice to school since getting his license and he drove himself to his allergy shots the other day which is unbelievably fantastic.  So far, his favorite place to drive is a toss between Chipotle and Subway :)

We had our yearly visit to Georgia's Orthopedic surgeon where she had yet another full body scan.  The scan determines whether or not her leg-length discrepancy is improving (or equalizing?) and the good news is that it's all working.  She has a little more growth left in her shorter leg, so hopefully she will continue to grow and her legs will eventually be equally matched.  We'll go back in a year.  

Georgia and I also went to an all-day Lacrosse tournament where Georgia played four short games and I came to the sudden realization that I don't really enjoy watching lacrosse.  

I only took me about ten years!  

Sorry, Georgia!

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