Friday, January 6, 2017

Turks & Caicos

Last summer, when I started getting thousands of hits from nefarious Russian websites, I made a rule:  no more bikini shots of my children.  And then I removed all the most frequently viewed posts (almost all featuring my girls in their bathing suits) and like magic, the porn hits went away.

Lesson learned.

Which makes it sad to me that I can't really document our four day trip to the Turks and Caicos right after Christmas since I didn't manage to get many photos where we weren't in our bathing suits!  The entire purpose of the trip was to be warm and enjoy the sunshine, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that we weren't wearing more clothing.

We left for T&C early, early Tuesday morning (4am) and after a long day of traveling and six hours of obsessive hand-cleaning while in the three airports and on two different flights (because - side note - did you all know that EVERY SINGLE child in North America has a terrible cough cold?!?!  Until we started traveling, we didn't either!) we arrived in Providenciales, TCI where it was sunny, a warm 80 degrees, blue and rum-filled.

Total paradise.

We spent the days on the beach, sun-bathing, soaking in the vitamin D and snorkeling.  I even overcame my fear of snorkeling (it's a breathing through a tube thing) and went out twice.  I saw multiple tropical fish, a beautiful coral reef and an enormous sting ray and I was very, very proud of myself.  Gordy has videos of his snorkeling excursions on his instagram account.

Gordy and Henry did the most snorkeling - they saw everything I saw plus more fish and sea turtles.

I did the most sun-bathing.  I have to tell you, I just love to sit in the sun.  And I absolutely love being  in the warmth.  It was the perfect winter vacation.

and now I'm breaking my own rule - but this is just such a great photo.

And I figure that since Georgia has her back turned and is jumping away from the photo (escaping, if you will) hopefully the deviants won't like it.  :)

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Diane Guymon said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and asking about us and the storms. Today is sunny and the news was saying the positive to all the rain we've been getting is that the lakes are filling up and the drought may soon be over, but the storms were pretty bad off and on for about two weeks. None of our streets flooded and none of our trees fell over and our power didn't go out, so we were fine. We still had to go to work and school and church, nothing was canceled for us. The bad road conditions were the biggest factor. The mountain passes required chains , there were mud slides, rivers overflowing, and flooded country roads (Scott couldn't go out to his hunting blind one day, haha).

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