Monday, February 20, 2017

Cinnamon Buns

My sister Elizabeth is a wonderful baker.  I still start drooling when I think of the time she made chocolate eclairs from scratch and there's a Milky Way cake that she made once that I think about frequently.  I'm pretty sure that Josie has inherited Elizabeth's baking ability - or else maybe she's just inherited my family's love of baked goods of any kind.

Either way, it makes me happy as I can enjoy the result without putting in any of the effort.  

That's my kind of cooking project!

This morning, Josie made homemade cinnamon rolls.

Here they were right out of the oven:

And here they are being iced:

They were as amazing tasting as they looked:

They were just coming out the oven when I arrived home from my pilates class, so that hour of exercise was for nothing.

The recipe made about 14 rolls and Georgia, Josie and I only ate one each.  They were pretty filling.

So, we have extras at our house, if anyone wants one!

1 comment:

Janet said...

Those look amazingly delicious! Josie is a great baker!

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