Monday, February 6, 2017

Josie's "new" Room

Right before Christmas, Josie got a new, larger bed and so now we working on redecorating her room.  The last time that we decorated this space was back when Josie was 4. 

Josie is almost 12 now.

When we moved into our house, Josie wanted a bright pink room and I happily obliged.  Her walls were bubble-gum colored, we bought a pink quilt and a pastel-flowered rug, we found pale green bookshelves/toy box and we reused a dresser that my parents bought for me back in my college days.

The room was adorable, but not particularly appropriate for the pre-teen who Josie is today.

Josie and I searched the internet for inspiration and we settled on this:

Josie loved the peacock-colored bed and the pillows, so we found similar versions for her new room.  But she didn't love the paint colors, so we're now working on finding a color she does like.

Over the weekend, we shopped for paint and bought samples. 

Because her walls are currently so bright, we thought it made more sense to paint pieces of white posterboard and hang them up on the wall behind her bed so we could choose the right one.

The bed is a peacock blue, so we tried mostly blues, creams and whites.

And here are the results:

I like the one on the far left, Gordy liked the one in the top middle and Josie isn't sure she likes any of them.  I think we are going to have to get more samples and try again.  Maybe using a more green-based paint?  

Any suggestions?

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I like the one second from the left. But I agree that a greeny color might work better. Or something on the green side of teal.

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