Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Henry & Josie had spring break recently and we went to Florida.  (And since I know you haven't seen Mr. Henry in awhile, yes, he is taller now.  Six feet tall, actually).

We started our vacation in North Carolina, admiring their spring and picking up Meredith.

Next stop:  Tampa where we went to a Tampa Bay Lightning Game... which they lost but was still very fun.  I did miss the Whooo of the Bruins.

After that we went to visit Avery at her college.  We got to watch her varsity tennis match (which she won - go Avery!)

Here we are:

And finally, we ended up on Sanibel Island where we let our hair down, enjoyed the hot sun and ooohed & ahhhhed over the amazing sunsets.

We are back home now and the relaxed moods of vacation are almost completely over.  Going back to school does that to a person!  Luckily for us, summer isn't that far off.

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