Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lacrosse Take Two

Josie had to pick a spring sport / activity at school.  In the fall, she played field hockey and in the winter, she did an after school art class (three days a week and she left early from school two days a week in order to get to ice hockey).  The school rule is that you have to play on one sports team a year, so technically Josie could have done another semester of art, but now that ice hockey is (almost) over, Gordy and I wanted Josie to stay active and do daily exercise, so we encouraged her to be on a spring team.  

You might remember that years ago, Josie tried lacrosse and hated it.  I think she played for one season and showed no interest in trying another round the following year.  So we were pretty surprised when Josie told us that she had signed up to be on the middle school team.

I had figured she would play tennis.

But no worries!  We have plenty of old hand-me-down lacrosse sticks from Georgia and maybe there's some muscle memory that will help her remember how to catch and throw.

And if not, she can always start all over again.

Gordy took Josie out a couple of weekends ago to practice throwing and catching.

It wasn't going particularly well, so Georgia went out to help and within minutes of explaining how cradling is simply a fast sequence of the commands "Look in the mirror!  Talk on the phone!",  Josie began to catch on to the general concept.

I guess "look in the mirror, talk on the phone" is not the way that Gordy learned to cradle.  He was rather disgusted by the whole thing.

I am giddy about the start of spring sports but only because it means that we are at the end of winter sports.  This is the last week of ice hockey practice for Josie and the last two games of the season are over this weekend.  Yeah!  

The first few weeks of lacrosse and soccer aren't the most fun because they are played outdoors and it is still very cold outside, but it's also cold inside the ice rink and at least this is a change.  

And so we begin Josie's Lacrosse Take Two.  I'll keep you posted.

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