Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Halibut Point - Rockport, Massachusetts

We had a nice, long, warm weekend.  All three kids had Friday and Monday off from school - and Georgia has the entire week (for spring break) and the fact that the sun actually came out and the temperature warmed up made it a very relaxing four days.  

Gordy and Georgia went to Los Angeles for the long weekend and Henry was busy, but Josie and I were free and ready to explore.

We googled about twenty different combinations of "outdoor activities for kids" before we discovered Halibut Point in Rockport.  I'm not sure how this state park has escaped our notice in the past because it is just the perfect type of outdoor day trip that Gordy and I love(d) and used to do all the time with the children before sports and teenager-dom entered our lives and all the fun stopped.

There were trails, scenic overlooks and a rocky Maine-like beach.  It was perfect.

Josie explored the tidal pools and I just sat and soaked in the sunshine.

We saw a ton of people on the trails and at the overlook, but the rocky "beach" was sparsely populated.

It felt so good to be outside!

On our way back to our car, we kept seeing plastic Easter eggs and figured it must be some sort of Rockport Easter Egg Hunt, so we helped ourselves to two eggs...

But a few minutes later, a family with about four kids came running by and we realized that it was probably just a private family egg hunt.  Whoops!  In our defense, it was a public park, so HELLO!  You might want to use your own backyard and not a public, people-filled park.  

To make up for the fact that some of their Easter candy ended up in Josie's belly, we did shield a few eggs from the view of the leading brother, who had run ahead of his younger siblings and was picking up egg after egg since the eggs were just sitting by the side of the path and not really hidden.  His younger siblings were following just far enough behind the brother to see him pick up each egg but not close enough to fight him for one or two.  The boy was running and shrieking, the younger siblings were crying and screaming and the parents were running behind them all trying to get them all to stop.  It was chaos.

They may want to re-think the hunt next year.  It's just a suggestion.

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