Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Georgia's 8th Grade Graduation

So last Friday, Georgia graduated from middle school.  She is now officially a high school student.

Middle School took 3 years to finish, the ceremony took an hour and the outfit shopping / preparation took about 4,000 years.  

At least that's what it felt like to me.  :)

Georgia ordered a dress from some cheap, on-line company and was shocked when it arrived, looking cheap and ill-fitting.

She then spent months looking at dresses on line and trying things on at the mall.  Everything was rejected - either by her or by me.  I was starting to get concerned when in May, she settled on this dress:

Which was from Lily Pulitzer and which looked beautiful, fit her perfectly and wasn't too short or too revealing.  

And then we spent the next thirty days looking for shoes.

It's hard to dress a young teenage girl these days!

Case in point:  Josie.  

Josie found a great black dress with spaghetti straps and a sweet lace insert around the waist but when she went to put it on before the graduation ceremony, she realized that she didn't have the right under-garments (whisper-bra).  And then she rejected all the potential hand-me-downs in Georgia's closet and was about to have a full-blown closet frenzy when we found this white lace dress that used to belong to Avery and which luckily fit.

This is actually the second time this particular Avery dress has saved the day for my daughters!  Georgia wore it to a band concert either last year or the year before when she "lost" her black concert dress (which we later found, stuffed in the back of her closet).

So many thank yous to Meredith for this purchase!  You got your money's worth!

We arrived early at the high school where the ceremony was being held, but naturally it was already filled.  Georgia has almost 400 students in her class and the place was packed.

The parents sat on the bleachers and the students sat in chairs on the basketball court.  It was unbelievably hot in there.  It's a good thing that basketball is a winter sport.  Although if they plan to use the gym for future spring / summer events, they may want to at least invest in some windows.  The room as an airless tomb.

A few children gave speeches and presented awards and then the diplomas were handed out.

We were glad when they got to the Zs.  All four of us were melting in that top row of the bleachers.

We found Georgia after the ceremony and took some photos before she headed over to the mandatory 8th grade dance.

Here she is with Chloe, Margaret and Caroline:

We didn't find all her group of friends, but it was still nice to get photos of these four girls together.  They all went to the same elementary school and Georgia and Margaret have been close friends  Holly's School when they were two.

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Diane Guymon said...

both girls dresses are beautiful! And you are right, Georgia's is perfect, fits great, sorry it was such a struggle to find, though!

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