Thursday, June 22, 2017

Josie's Room Re-do

We finally finished redecorating Josie's room and I thought you might all want to see how it turned up.  Thank you for your color suggestions, by the way.  

After trying every possible shade of blue, we settled on the palest of lavenders - which is a little hard to see from the above photo, but, trust me, it looks fantastic.

But maybe you need to be reminded of what the room used to look like?  

It was hot, bubble-gum pink:

It was very little-girlie and very sweet, but Josie has grown and her room needed to grow as well.

Here is the her new desk:

And the view of her bed:

Almost everything in the room is new:  the bedside table, the bed and the swimmer photo are all from One Kings Lane.  The bedside and desk lights are from Target.

We bought a small lavender chair (also from One Kings Lane) and a funky mirror from Overstock.  The bookshelf is a hand-me-down from Georgia (more on that later) which Josie and I painted the same peacock blue as her bed.

We got the rug from a local rug store.

And the pug is from Stoneham, MA.


We still need curtains but I'm taking a break from decorating for the summer!

Josie's room isn't the only room we worked on.  I also "finished" Georgia's room.  She needed a chair and a new bookshelf (her old one never fit into her larger-sized room).

In case you need refreshing, here's a photo of Georgia's room when we first moved into this house.

ARRGGHH!  Shield you eyes!!!

Georgia chose a hideous shade of neon green originally and so nine months later, when we had water damage from ice damns and had to repaint all the upstairs rooms, we chose a much lighter green which Georgia hated.  I'm pretty sure if she saw this photo, she'd still think that was a beautiful color.

When we updated her room two years ago, she chose a muted Tiffany box blue.

We did the update right before Christmas a few years ago.  In addition to the new paint color, she got a new navy blue bed, a pretty parson table desk and a new rug.

We wanted to give her an easy chair and a new bookcase but it was the holidays and our guests were arriving.  And then two years passed REALLY quickly.  And I realized that I couldn't exactly start redecorating Josie's bedroom if I hadn't ever finished redecorating Georgia's.

So we finally purchased her a navy blue chaise lounge (which is super soft) and a new bookcase.

Georgia's room needs curtains, too, and some art work but again, that will have to wait.

And what about Henry, you ask?  His room has also gone through a few changes.  We installed a wooden loft bed originally and then a few years later, when he got too big, we removed it and bought him a real, adult bed.  He still loves his room colors and says he doesn't care that his dresser is still the same one we bought for him when he was a baby.  He leaves for college in another year, so maybe then we'll change out the paint and the bedding.  

Or maybe I'll turn it into a sewing room. :)


Gordy's Mom said...

I love seeing the new rooms but I have two comments: First, is that poofy thing at Josie's desk really a usable desk chair!? Second, I love the green of Georgia's first room (and I am wearing that color at this moment).

Elizabeth said...

Both of the rooms look great! Although Georgia's room seems to be missing the Stoneham, MA pug.

Diane Guymon said...

love your decorating!

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