Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Last Day of School 2017 (For Some)

Hooray for summer!  Two of the three children are now done with school.  Henry's last day was Thursday and Josie's last day was Friday.  Sadly, Georgia's last day of school isn't until the end of June, so even though it is summer for some, it is not summer for all and that means that we are living in a summer limbo of sorts.

I took my usual Last Day of School photos.  Here is Josie on her last day of sixth grade:

And here was Josie on her first day:

She's grown, that's for sure!  

Josie had to go into school one more day than Henry because all of the middle school attends the 8th grade graduation ceremony. 

Josie and I have made a list of fun things to do this summer.  I realized that when Henry and Georgia were 12, we filled our summer days with trips to museums, beaches, monuments etc and it occurred to me that now that the older two have no interest in such things, that Josie was missing out.  

Also, Josie is way too addicted to her cell phone.  

On the list:  visits to the MFA, the Boston Tea Party Museum (which celebrates the actual tea party when the colonists protested raised taxes by dumping tea into the harbor), the Hammond Castle in Gloucester and the Mapparium.  We're also going on a whale watch, visiting the Prudential center and trying out as many ice cream parlors that we can.

I'm very excited. 

Josie is somewhat excited.

Henry and Georgia have both decided that they will attend outings on a case-by-case basis.  For Henry that means that he will attend if he approves of the activity or if there is any food involved.  For Georgia that means that she will attend if none of her friends are available and her phone is broken.

Next summer, I'll have three teenagers, so this may be my last opportunity!

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