Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Middle School Spring Concert Part One

Last night was the end-of-the-year music performance at Josie's school.  Josie is in the chorus but there are also two bands and a string ensemble.  To make things easier for everyone, the school holds one recital for the entire group.  The weird thing about the recital is that it isn't a recital - it's a practice in front of the parents.  I know I mentioned it before on this blog, but each time I go to one of these evenings, I find myself getting very frustrated.  

I don't mind going to one "practice" each year but I'd prefer to just go to a recital.  I don't really need to watch all four groups perform their warm-ups, learn a new piece, show us how they harmonize, demonstrate how different sections play different parts... you get the picture. 

My mind wanders - especially when the teachers explain what's going on and the lecture lasts for a ridiculously long time.

It's interesting in the fall - especially when you have a sixth grader and you are new to the music program.  But by the spring, I'd rather just hear each group perform the three best pieces that they learned the rest of the year.

Maybe it's just me.

The funny thing about the practice last night was that after the first couple of minutes, someone put a music stand right in front of Josie and from then one, this was my view of my child:

It reminded me of a video I once watched of Avery in a nursery school Christmas show.  There were three or four rows of kids, singing their hearts out and then there was a space between two children - which was tiny Avery, whose face you couldn't see because the taller child in front of her completely blocked her from view.  It was hysterical and frankly, so was the music stand.

The choir sang a warm-up song, did a warm-up, sight-reading exercise and then sang three songs, one of which (Greenway's "Good Riddance") they sang to the seniors on their last official day of school in April (the seniors do a work internship at the end of their senior year).  None of these exercises or songs were in a row.  Interspersed among the chorus songs were warm-ups etc from the two bands and the strings.  I only got one photo of the strings - they played a Star Wars medley and turned lights on their bows to make them look like lightsabers.

Josie has three more days of school!!!

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