Friday, June 9, 2017

Middle School Spring Concert Part Two

Georgia had her middle school spring music concert last night.  The auditorium at our local middle school is much larger than the auditorium at Josie's middle school and because I knew it would be hard to get photos, I made Georgia pose for a few pictures before we left.  That was a very good thing.

This is the closest photo I got of Georgia the entire evening and it was taken from far, far away:

The music department in our town is very good and I'm always impressed with what the teachers / students accomplish - but I do have one tiny complaint.  The music concert is way too long and it includes way too many musical groups.  Georgia's eighth grade band performed second to last - after the 6th grade band, the 6th grade orchestra, the 7th grade band, the 7th grade orchestra, the 8th grade orchestra and the Jazz band. 

Here's Georgia on the stage:

And now she is gone - hidden behind the front row of flutists and clarinetists.

And there she is again - at the end of the concert - she's the third person from the left, not counting that boy.

And just like that we are finished with the concerts until next fall!

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