Thursday, June 1, 2017

Spring 2017

So it's June.  I'm not sure how that happened but I guess May went by so quickly because each cold, rainy day blended into the next.  We bought new porch furniture and I've had the cushions outside and ready to be used a total of two days.  I've also only worn shorts once and normally, I'd have put my long pants away by now.  Let's hope that June is much sunnier and much warmer.

We are currently winding down - Georgia still has soccer practices and games and a few lacrosse tournaments to get through, but Josie and Henry are pretty much done with after-school activities.  Josie played Lacrosse as her spring sport and Henry "managed" the baseball team which as far as I could tell involved hanging out with the team and occasionally putting equipment away.

School ends for Josie and Henry next week but Georgia still has one long, painful month left to go.  

I am contemplating winding down this blog, but every time I decide to do it, I get inspired to do "one more post."  I guess I'm just not ready to quit yet.  I'm trying to Instagram more frequently, so check out my feed for photos.  You'll even get to see some shots of Henry as he hasn't officially forbidden me to post pictures of him on Instagram as he has done on the blog.

Henry had a busy spring since he got a job at a local plant nursery.  He earned a good amount of money and got some work experience but I'm not sure I'd say he enjoyed it.  There was a lot of grumbling and whinging.  He also went to the prom (see Instagram) and has been enjoying the freedom given to him now that he has his driver's license.  

And Gordy and I have also been enjoying the freedom of going to bed on Friday night instead of driving down to Wellesley to pick him up after a night with friends!  

it's a real win-win.

Georgia seems a little less busy to me but that could be because I'm finally home every afternoon now that Josie's hockey is done for the year (done-ish, I should add - see below).  She has flute lessons and homework and soccer at least three days a week but she still seems to have a lot of free time to hang out with friends and obsessively watch netflix and practice putting on make-up.  

Georgia graduates from middle school in a month and on graduation day, she will finally be allowed to wear (a small amount of ) make-up.  Apparently, she is the only one (insert eye roll) of her friends who is not currently allowed to wear make-up so at the graduation ceremony, Georgia will finally look like everyone else.  (feel free to add another eye roll). 

Josie is almost finished sixth grade.  Her main sport (hockey) ended in March and she's been riding the bus home with everyone else ever since.  The bus doesn't leave school until after the high school gets out of class, so that means that Josie sits around for two hours, doing homework and killing time.  She hasn't exactly loved it, but I sure have!  Not driving to Brookline every afternoon has really freed things up for me!  It's been a real life-changer.  

Josie does have a hockey tournament coming up.  The whole thing was rather a surprise and we assume that the club didn't have enough teams participating and they dragged Josie's team on-board to fill out the numbers, but good grief.  A June ice hockey tournament!?!  It's going to be a real shock to the system.  

We are all ready for summer.  Josie and I went down to Block Island over Memorial Day weekend to open the house, drop off new things and relax.  

Here's a photo of Josie after we had finished installing all the screens and had moved all the furniture from one bedroom out into the hall and back to make room for a new rug.

And here's Josie later that same afternoon once the sun had come out and it was warm for about 30 minutes. 

Please note that I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt.  It wasn't really bikini weather, but why let that stop you!

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