Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Our First Trip To Block Island 2017

After 8th grade graduation, we left for a weekend on Block Island.  I'm calling it our first trip of the summer, but it's actually not.  Josie and I went to the island to open up the house in May, but since it basically rained the entire weekend, we are going to declare a do-over.

We brought Georgia's friend Caroline.

And we enjoyed a very relaxing couple of days.  It's been a couple of weeks since then and I will admit I don't remember what we did.  I imagine we went to the beach and I would imagine there were bike rides and trips into town.

We played badminton with the new set we received as a gift from Gordy's parents.  It was a huge hit.

We left on Sunday so it was a short trip.  Georgia and Caroline had two more days of school.  But stop by soon, because my next post will be about the Fourth of July.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Georgia's Last Day of School

After graduation ended, Georgia had two more days of school.  It was a long, long school year.

On Monday, Georgia joined her eighth grade class at Canoe Lake Park in New Hampshire.  Josie and I had a free day, so we went, too - and tried to stay out of way of our town's eighth graders.  

Tuesday was the official last day, so I took Georgia's photo before she left for school.

Last Day of school above, First Day of School below:

Happy Summer!

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