Friday, July 28, 2017

The Fourth of July - Block Island Style

We spent the week of the Fourth of July on Block Island.  

Hooray for small town Fourth of July celebrations!

July 4th is a busy day on the island.  Thousands of day trippers crowd the morning ferries, the bars, the beaches and the streets.  The good news is that all these extra people are great for the local economy AND we live pretty far away from town so if we don't want to deal with the crowds and the drunks, we don't have to!  

But we aren't complete hermits - we do like to go to the parade and the fireworks (and last year we stopped by the hotdog eating contest but we left pretty early on.  Watching people stuff hot dogs into their mouths is not as entertaining as you'd think.  

We like to get to the parade a little early to get a good seat in the front.  This year, our party included Henry's friend Nick.

And now I'm completely out of order because the parade was on July 4th but the fireworks were actually held the Sunday before and yet that's not how I uploaded my photos.  Oh well!

Block Island does a great job with their fireworks.  Everyone gathers on the town beach and exactly as the sky is getting dark, the firework display begins.


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